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I will 4-ever be a nurse, with a passion 4 people, helping to feel empowered and be successful. I've been a health coach, diabetic nurse, field intervention nurse, and a Nurse Case Manager for many years...Coaching and Consulting a Learned ability I believe, with my Past Experiences In the HEALTHCARE Industry. Lots of experience with Producy Management, Product, and improving Processes. Having been in it for so many years, I understand the complexity and Dynamics of it and what is Happening in it, which Helps Me to Present This to you: Automated Done 4 U system...Marketing/Service System...that I know that we all are so searching for, after or still running circles for, Modifying our SMART Systems and Programs i.e. EPIC, with Oh So MANY New CMS, Anthem, Aetna and Medi-Medi guidelines and systems to be able to attain SMART knowledge right... I Do not claim this to be by far a replacement for as it is not for that purpose, but an enhancement to Help Market and Keep Straight New and Potential Patients, Clients and Customers for your Business, the Ultimate Goal, right! Without the SYSTEM...U Cannot Have A Service!!! Make it a Sophisticated, High Tech One to Get You AHEAD of the Game! If I COULD Help You To Make Just ONE THING In Your Life Easier, Would You Let Me???))) Watch MY FREE VIDEO: to get your Free Product, that cost $97 at one Time! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at: Cheers, Valerie