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Alexandria Elliott

Alexandria Elliott
Scentsy Independent Lead Consultant
Scentsy by Alexandria Elliott
Alexandria Elliott
Scentsy is a wickless candle company. That fills your life, home and office with fragrance.

Scentsy Wickless candles and Scentsy Bars are a safer alternative to traditional candles. Scenty’s beautiful warmers, house a low-watt light bulb or heating element, that slowly melts Scentsy Bar Wax. Filling your home or office with a distinctive and long lasting fragrance. There are 80 plus different scents to choose from.

We also offer, kid scents and bears, cleaning products, bath and body products. Laundry products. Diffusers and 100% Essential Oils. Choose a warmer that will match your home decor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  • How long does my Scentsy last?
  • What is Scentsy?


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