Antonio Jelks

Antonio Jelks
Sowele Photography
Sowele is a Yoruban name that means

“the seer has entered the house”.

Given to me when I began my spiritual path, it instantly resonated with me. My whole life has been a game of decoding the universe beginning with my own due to an innate desire of understanding and seeing truth in its pure essence.

It’s my belief that understanding our layers and why they exist unlocks a profound knowledge of our individual truths. Throughout the course of our life’s journey sometimes adapting to our realities have a way of redirecting us away from the path of self-discovery. I believe it is through attachments and our lack of being conscious in how they can hinder us from reaching our fullest potential forces us to no longer have a connection with who we truly are but suppress it instead. As a believer in truth and transparency, it’s my mission to promote it. I’m continuously developing as an artist and a person and I only wish to share my journey to the world and assist with it’s healing one snapshot after the other.

Know thyself, understand and embrace your beauty as well as your ugliness through Truth, Love, Balance and Blessings.

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