Brisa Lauren Johnson

She Is Soul
She Is Soul is a organization creating an outlet to connect urban communities through the use of visual and performing arts as a form of civic engagement.

Women are the nucleus of the modern family, the womb of life. We are the backbone and foundation of our past, present, and future.

Despite all that women contribute to today’s society, we are still mistreated, disrespected, categorized, and disregarded. Women are taught to shrink themselves, conceal their voices, and instead highlight their physical features. What’s worse is that some women have accepted these degrading conditions as their own by embracing terms that are meant to demean women. Furthermore, women compete with each other and bring each other down.

She Is Soul sets out to create a platform for women to unlearn these societal constructions and learn to embrace, empower, and enlighten one another. She Is Soul creates events formulated around women empowerment and in turn creates healthy female relationships that enriches the community around them. She Is Soul celebrates women through all successes and struggles while encouraging continuous growth in their understanding of womanhood.

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