Bruce Williams

Black Business Reviews
Bruce Williams
The purpose of this channel is to review Black owned businesses.

VISION: I believe economic empowerment is one of the biggest opportunities for black people in America to elevate our status quo. I see supporting black owned businesses as a major step toward achieving this goal.
CHALLENGE: As consumers make money they like to spend it wisely, on products they can trust. Yet, when people browse the web for the businesses they come across, it’s hard to find any information on them. How do you know which products are worth buying?
PROPOSITION: This YouTube channel contains videos which review black owned businesses that I’ve personally purchased products from. My intention is to educate viewers about each product or service so they can make a more informed decision when/if they decide to make a purchase in the future. Moving forward, I’m confident people will continue leaving valuable feedback on the different black owned products they buy, and those that have not yet joined in, will soon catch the wave!