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Ozzie and Coco Coffee Co
Christopher Andersen
Veteran Owned Business, Disability Owned Business
Ozzie and Coco Coffee Co is a disabled veteran owned small business with the goal to bring quality coffee at an average price

Ozzie and Coco Coffee Co was started to bring a competitive market back into the world of coffee products. The mission is much more humble;  the owner and ceo, Christopher Andersen, wants to make sure his son Ace, will not have to face the struggles he did growing up. He took this love for his son and the love for country and coffee and started Ozzie and Coco Coffee Co.  The goal is to bring a quality cup of coffee back into reach of the average joes household. Ozzie and Coco Coffee Co believes that each customer is not just a number in the books, but rather each customer is a part of the family.


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