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Ciera McEachern
288 Deer Stand Dr
Woman Owned Business, Minority Owned Business
Kids natural care for kids natural hair.

AMAURI’S COILS was created because of my very own daughter ms. NYLA AMAURI. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 8 years. I’ve worked with different hair textures and products. When Nyla was born she had very thin edges and super fine hair. As she began to grow her hair began to change. I couldn’t find anything that gave me the results that I wanted. So I began creating our own hair care products and I watched as her coils began to flourish. AMAURI”S COILS was formulated to treat kids with dry curly/kinky hair with our gentle yet deep penetrating products. They were created to smooth the hair cuticle to achieve a softer and more manageable texture. Curly textured hair is most susceptible to dryness. This is because sebum in the scalp takes longer to make it’s way to the rest of the hair shaft. Our products are all natural and sulfate free. Our foundation  for our products are Shea and Mango butter. They work well for extremely dry hair because of their high fatty acid content and antioxidants. Not only will our products seal in moisture they help control frizz, dry scalp, and also promote hair growth. We created these products to not only retain moisture and build healthy hair, but to teach our kids to embrace the beauty in their natural hair.


  • Amauri's satin bonnets
  • Scalp soothing souffle'
  • Candy cane cleanser
  • Curl Therapy growth/hot oil treatment

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