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Gerald Higginbotham

Gerald Higginbotham
Captains Millionaires Inc
Gerald Higginbotham
1135 Terminal Way, #209
Captains Millionaires Inc. is an alternative educational empowerment company. Focused on developing we the people to experience life, living it to the maximum in every area. Full Throttles Wide Open!

Our Mission is to develop  Individuals to become Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Successful and Wealthy. Our goal is to raise up 1 Million Captains Millionaires.

The Primary Aim of the Captain’s Millionaires Program is to provide clarity of vision to the person’s who has a burning ache in their gut to be a winner. Not necessarily to make the person the greatest human being who ever lived, but to help them achieve their maximum potential and to do the very best that one possibly can. The aim is to show the people how to establish concrete targets to aim at and build solid principles to base their life upon, so that they may be impelled to reach their full capabilities. 

We focus on empowering you. We also specialize in the Cryptocurrency economic  space. Life changing, true economic freedom. Coming through the Captains Millionaires Leadership Training you will know what it means to be the captain of your life, and acquire the mindset of a Millionaire. It’s incredible, it’s awesome, it’s life altering.  Click here to learn more. This is Your Captain Speaking!

  • Gerald Higginbotham
  • Gerald Higginbotham


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