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Jasmine Castro

Jasmine Castro
Righteous Womban
Jasmine Castro
Who is "Righteous Womban"?
I AM Jazzy... the "Womban" that is looking for other
"Womben" to help raise their vibration, spiritually and sexually. I AM a fun, passionate,
sensual, adventurous, in tuned, creative, sexy, and loving flow of energy that wants to share the "vibrational wealth". Through creating "Righteous Womban", I learned that it is about my journey of opening up to the world of "Womban" about who we really are. and share my knowledge
by those experiences of simply awaking self!

I AM the Activator, Sex Educator, Liberator, & Dream Pusha!
I AM….the person you want in your corner, making sure you open up and free
your soul to live wild and in your purpose!

Let’s talk on how we can start your journey…..Together!

Erotic Reflexology
Yoni eggs will literally massage the intimate pressure-points from the inside. Once these reflexology points are massaged and awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she deserves...all while sending healing energy to various organs in her body

Healthy Moon-Time
Monthly moon time is one of the blessings of womanhood — but it doesn’t always feel that way! If you suffer from long lasting periods, menstrual cramps, or PMS symptoms such as irritability or fatigue, regular Yoni egg exercises can help.

Yoni egg exercises increase blood flow to the uterus and strengthen the muscles that help your flow pass. When you use your Yoni egg regularly between cycles, your moon time will be shorter, lighter, and less painful.

Womb Cleansing
It is believed women store trauma in their womb space. Whether it is from pregnancy loss, disease, abortion or sexual abuse, yoni eggs work as little energy healers to help women spiritually cleanse their sacred inner space and heal their hearts

Journey Into Motherhood

Research has shown that a toned pelvic floor can reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, ease labor, and prevent common postpartum issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and uterine misalignment. For pregnancy preparation and childbirth recovery, we recommend doing pelvic floor exercises with one of our large yoni eggs.

Motherhood is sacred.


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