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Jason Dixon

Independent Associate
Jason Dixon
If you could pick up phone, call an experienced attorney, ask any amount of questions, and talk as long as you want until all your questions were fully answered, and understood, and never receive a bill for the call. Would you make the call? Welcome to LegalShield!

Identity Theft ProtectWe make important decisions for ourselves, families, and businesses everyday. Whether those decisions are good ones or not, determines the outcomes of the consequences in the end.

Often times, we don't have the resources needed to make an educated and informed decision. Or, we spend large, unnecessary amounts to gain access to what resources we can.

Either way, this creates great amounts of tension and stress, and puts ourselves and those we value at great risk if we don't seek wise and credible counsel.

But imagine a service where you could pick up the phone and contact a top rated Attorney to answer your specific questions or concerns, and get advice you need, as many times as you like. Your Legal Providers would cover all areas of Law. So you could call on an unlimited amount of subjects. And after each call, you wouldn't get a bill in the mail for an Attorney Fee.

Then, if you're a Business Owner you could go to the computer or smart phone, and via email, contact your top rated Business Consulting Firm, which covers every area of Business. Your specific questions, concerns, requests for advice would be handled by a well seasoned and successful Consultant in the industry you're inquiring about. You can also contact them as many times as you like, and not worry about receiving a Consultation Fee Bill in the mail either.

Welcome to LegalShield. This description is the beginning of the unique and priceless services we've been offering since 1972. My name is Jason Dixon, your Full-Service

LegalShield Associate for the United States and Canada. I'm here to help
you have this type of unique, and priceless access, and more. Call or inbox me for assistance, or go to my website at Let me show you how to provide more peace of mind to yourself, family, and businesses. ion, Individual & Family, Small Business, Employee Benefits, Commercial Driver Specialist, LegalShield


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