Kalif W Price

Kalif W Price
Jah Jah Books
Kalif W Price
Kalif Price is an author, poet, song writer, actor and playwright. He spends his time working with “at-risk” youth and encouraging them to strive to live healthy and productive lifestyles.

His interest in forming a publishing company began when he became a father and wanted to ensure children of color and families had quality works of literature. As a result, Jah Jah Books was created.

Kalif is also an accomplished actor, both on stage and in film. To check out Kalif’s film work check out Kalif’s IMDB page.
Also know as “Mandingo Grande”, Kalif is a skilled Capoeira practioner and student of the legendary Mestre Pretho Velho of Capoeira Sao Bento Grande de Mestre Touro.

In 2014, Kalif took Capoeira to the stage, performing as Zumbi dos Palmares in San Diego’s annual Kuumba Festival. Kalif is credited for writing the monologue and choreography for his depiction of Zumbi.

Also a student of Mestre Preto Velho, illustrator and friend Bobo DeVaughn teamed up with Kalif to create Jah Jah Books first published picture book, Maasai Boy Heart of a Warror. Kalif and Bobo plan on releasing a children’s picture book on the art of Capoeira in 2015.

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