Kerian Nelson-Herbert

Kerian Nelson-Herbert
Founder & CEO
KHURB Solutions Inc.
Kerian Nelson-Herbert
KHURB Solutions empowers Small Business clients with opportunities to focus on business development and growth.

Kerian M. Herbert
Founding President

In the Big Business world of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Kerian posessed a successful track record of building the capacity of finance teams through coaching, mentoring and fostering an environment where they can take risks, learn by making mistakes, and win in the end. For over 20 years, she strived to feel the pulse of every part of an organization, transform information into knowledge and build support for business strategies through Financial Modeling.

Now she is bringing this knowledge into the Small Business arena! There, she is providing financial structure and business performance awareness so that small business clients can thrive and survive. Whether it’s the day-to-day operations or planning long-term growth, small business owners face countless obstacles to their success. KHurb Solutions (pronounced ‘Curb’) was founded in order to aid in that success by helping the owners Track, Analyze, Focus and Improve.

“KHURB” not only encompasses her initials, but embraces her knack for organization and down-to-earth solutions customized to fit your needs. Kerian’s specialty is Small Business Performance and Financial Management Consulting.


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