Loren Cobbs

Loren Cobbs
Founder & CEO
Culture + Cuisine
Loren Cobbs
At Culture + Cuisine our goal it to bring people together over delicious food, great stories, and good times. We are lovers of all things food, we believe in strong communities, and appreciate culture. So we take a special interest in the intersection of food and culture. Behind every dish there is a story to be told and we are both story tellers and story seekers. But it is more than just food for us, from street art to books, music, and art, we explore it all, being more than just consumers we strive to honestly engage within these spaces. Based out of Southern California but with ties in every corner of the globe we invite you to join us on our journey. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Culture + Cuisine was founded by Loren Cobbs, an Ohio native, but self proclaimed big city girl. Loren has had the pleasure of living in four different countries and visiting countless countries and cities. An avid foodie, Loren spent over 10 years working in the restaurant industry and has traveled the globe in search of the best dishes known to man. Beyond just eating Loren values cultural immersion and engagement, understanding that the world is so much bigger than just her. When not embarking on food and cultural journeys Loren has the immense honor of serving American citizens as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.


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