Mindy Dougherty

Feed My City & A Resilient Warrior
President and Creator
WtrGpsy, LLC DBA Feed My City
946 SW Veterans Way #102 #128
Woman Owned Business, Veteran Owned Business, Disability Owned Business
US Army Veteran and Author of A Resilient Warrior and owner of a company that gives organic produce to food banks and child advocacy groups.

I am the author of my autobiography called A Resilient Warrior. I have overcome childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and childhood incest. As well as, multiple medical adversities leaving me with a condition known as the “Suicide Disease” Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I teach people how to grow from the inside out. I am a US Army Veteran and served in Bosnia in 1996, while in the service from 1995 to 1999. I can be found at www.feedmycity.net

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