Monica Kelly

Monica Kelly
Fresh Soil
Monica Kelly
Fresh Soil a Mentoring brand dealing with at risk teens who struggle with daily issues such as abandonment, low self esteem, displacement, and Neglect. Fresh Soil will assist teens with building their own platforms. Our goal is to allow them to use their voices and reassure them the warmth and comfort of knowing they are not alone. You never know what someone is dealing with just because they wearing a smile…

Mentoring at risk youth and teen moms.

Because the Purpose is to make a change in Our Community

First giving honor and glory to God who’s the head of my life. Thank you for liking Fresh Soil’s Page.
Many of you know me as Monica Kelly, I am the Founder of Fresh Soil. Fresh Soil is a mentoring organization specializing in the redirection of at risk youth & teen moms. A lot of youth are dealing with anger, brokenness, abandonment, low self esteem, and a host of other challenges, although My job is not to fix them It is My goal to build relationships of confidentiality, understanding, and integrity.

Girls in Gangs are at the top of the list in committing the most crimes. Teen moms in broken homes are back on the rise, human trafficking, prostitution, drug sales & usage is very high in percentage in our young women.

I’ve mirror the challenges of these young men/ women, I’ve walked in their shoes so I can Identify with the struggles they face on a daily basis. Not having someone to tell me different I joined a gang, I made choices that caused me a lot of pain and resentment. However, It’s not about my story it’s about their Story. It’s not about my feelings it’s about their Feelings.

Fresh Soil will give a mentored child a podium to be heard and NOT be judged by their situation, a Voice, a REASON, and the ENCOURAGEMENT knowing they can rise above any obstacles they are challenged with.

Fresh Soil is here for our Community and we will do our best not to fail our youth. Thank you for stopping by, please remember to share this page with anyone who maybe dealing or struggling with life hardships.

Mentor girls and young ladies ages 8 to 18 years old, as a resource tool it will allow us to build strong relationships built on trust and integrity.

We will empower, uplift and motivate while encouraging each young lady not to be afraid to speak their mind or express their feelings in a respectful atmosphere.

Vision Statement
To be the voice of reason by helping children and young adults build strong relationships with integrity and dignity along with challenging them to address their feelings by problem solving and communication.

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