Nicole Ford

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Sinclair’s Quick Nails
Nicole Ford
1069 Wylie Springs Cir
Woman Owned Business
Sinclair’s Quick Nails creates quality hand-made press on nails.

Sinclair’s Quick Nails was launched during the pandemic of 2020 to cater to the women who could no longer go and get their nails done at a salon. Since its launch, it has developed into more than just a viable alternative to an acrylic full set, but into a great way for clients to save a lot of time and money. The goal of Sinclair’s Quick Nails is to provide high quality, custom quick nails that undoubtedly look, feel, and last just as a traditional full set would. With our wide range of designs, lengths, and sizes, we hope for our reusable quick nails to be able to appeal to every woman, regardless of age or style.

  • Nicole Ford
  • Nicole Ford
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  • Nicole Ford


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