Nicolette Thomas

Nicolette Thomas
Woman Owned Business
Petite Women Clothing Line. There will also be Tingz Bagz, Tingz Jewelry, Tingz Shoes. And Many More!

If you are looking for Small sizes and Xs sizes (That Actually Fit) . My online store will have those available once open. If you are a petite woman this shop will be for you and Me lolz.. Subscribe for first dibs before the release date 🔒
I am in the process of getting xxs sizes also and I will be having Tingz Bagz (Noone have) , Jewelry, Masks and Fye Fye Outfits Us smaller women scared to buy cause “it don’t fit right” but I got us 🥴 The Website Front Picture Is what you see, Go ahead and Subscribe Please, Do not miss this Grand Opening Pre-sale !! Subscribers get first Dibbs.

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