Pat Barrow

Pat Barrow
President Associate
Legal Shield Way
Pat Barrow
po box 5583
Woman Owned Business, Alternative Owned Business
We offer affordable legal services via our nationwide provider law firms and Identity theft services to Individuals, families and businesses nationwide from the trivial to the traumatic. .

Small Business
Everything that relates to your business from start up, employees, compliance, vendor issues, license, employee benefits etc Identity Theft  We offer the most comprehensive protection and restoration product available.- username/password monitor/social media/medical/dark web/sex offender monitor, loan monitor, court records, etc, live support 24/7
Personal/Family Advice/Letter and Calls on your behalf, Uncontested name change, residential loan documents, land lord tenant, home purchase, IRS, Traffic, contract document review, adoption services,
24/7 Emergency Assistance in the following emergencies . arrested or detained/seriously injured in an auto accidents, served with a criminal warrant/state attempts to take your children.  Small business plans, CDLP coverage and outstanding associate opportunties. 
Tap our App and our attorneys will be on your phone in less then 3 minutes 24/7 Included with  membership:  Will preparation. Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and durable power of attorney.
Member Perks We added hundreds of merchants and thousands of discounts our members can access savings at both national and local companies on everyday purchases such as tickets, electronics, apparel, travel phone services, auto purchases, office & business, cell phones, food and more.  Average savings is two thousands a year.                       This describes a fraction of our services.
Please request our brochure and visit our website for detail information. Download the free app
Licensed In. US, Canada,United Kingdom and soon Puerto Rico. 
         Forbes, Bloomberg, BBB, Yahoo Business

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