Ray Donegan Jr.

Ray Donegan Jr.
Financial Educator/Marketing Director
World System Builders
Ray Donegan Jr.
9449 Balboa Ave Suite 114
“National Financial Literacy Campaign”

Hello everyone my name is Ray Donegan Jr, for the past 9 years I have helped a number of families and small businesses alike understand money matters. Today I am now reaching out to our communities to help our people become more educated and aware when it comes to personal financial money matters.

As a community, we don’t have much because we don’t know much, and it’s possible that we don’t know what we don’t know.

To help solve that problem of “Not Knowing” and to support our firms National Financial Literacy Campaign World System Builder (WSB) has created “Free Financial Educational Workshops”  open the public so we can learn how to improve our own personal financial situations through education. Education is the key to everything in life, but I must say applied education is that much better.

These workshops we offer will give you a good understanding on how money works, and also give you the basic knowledge and tools so you can have more control over your own personal finance.

Workshops by the numbers:

1. Increase Cash Flow and Debt Management
2. Building A Strong Financial Foundation and Proper Protection
3. Building Wealth and Asset Accumulation
4. Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation
5. Building A business In The Financial Industry (Becoming a Financial                            Educator/Broker)

Remember: There is nobody more interested in your financial future more than you, definitely not the government or your employer. I am firm believer what you don’t know about money today could have a great financial impact on your tomorrow.
“We all want to be able to take care of family financially”
“We all want our kids to live a better life then what we have”
“We all want to have a comfortable retirement, but few of us have a plan”
“We all don’t want to worry about money”

But it all starts with you and your education,  these “Free Financial Educational Workshops”… can be the start of brighter financial future for you and our communities. So let’s get educated and apply what we have learned!

Address and Time of Financial Workshops:

9449 Balboa Ave, Suite 114, San Diego CA 92123

Wednesday’s: 7:15 pm to  8:30 pm

Saturday’s 10:15 am to 11:30

  • Ray Donegan Jr.


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