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Roosevelt Williams III

Roosevelt Williams III
Founder & CEO
Young Black & 'N Business (YB&NB)
Roosevelt Williams III
Minority Owned Business
YB&NB is an organization dedicated to serving emerging black entrepreneurs and minority-owned business in Southern California through quarterly mixers and a weekly radio show. YB&NB creates positive synergy for individuals to come together and make Power moves in a power house environment.
Our Vision

YB&NB is devoted to the
overlooked and underserved majority
working together as one
to be healthy, happy, and successful
with a focal point of helping to
achieve financial freedom.

Our Village

It takes a village and our goal here at YB&NB is to be that village. A hub to meet black business owners and professionals to gather knowledge, uplift, and support each other. Create our own financially stability by cycling our earnings back into our community. Join us at our next mixer and become part of our villiage.


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