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Shy Santiago

Shy Santiago
Learn A Language 4 Fun, LLC
Shy Santiago
North Carolina
If you've been searching for a way to help African/Black children learn the BASICS of different Foreign Languages and easier ways to retain that information then, look no further!!!

Hi My name is Shy Santiago and I am your colorful Multilingual Teacher 

Sometimes all it takes to really understand a foreign language is a change of environment, some colors, games, and catchy songs and even fun clothes!

While working at great companies such as the YMCA and Bright Horizons as an Assistant and Floating teacher, I was able to discover my passion for early childhood education. I was given the opportunity to assist in each classroom with different age groups ranging from infants to school-agers.   I had the freedom to truly understand and study how each child learned and what it took to keep their attention on educational activities that promoted mental growth.  

Because of my great work history and skills I am able to bring a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds to a higher level... Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.


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