Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson

Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson
Digital Urban Intelligence Ecommerce Design Strategy Branding, The DLH Agency
Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson
We create and simplify scalable concepts that when executed work for independent artist and brands; helping to monetize their efforts. We design and execute fully integrated music, fashion, art and subculture driven programs enabling clients to connect emotionally and authentically with defined audiences. The DUI Agency team thrives on working with brands to create campaign strategies with well defined social reach and engagement objectives

We don’t just “Re-Market” to Followers or consumers whom are already familiar with your brand, project or artist. We create strategies to engage a client’s target market through multiple social media channels enabling them to share what they “like” with others within their social circle and their friends social circles.

We have developed an Identify + Create + Amplify + Maintain marketing planning process that quickly maps a plan of action for clients. We then pare them down to their essentials and then scale the effort to the clients objective and budget.
The results- we deliver superior research and marketing strategies for any budget… “Low No Budgets” to “Money Ain’t A Thang” Budgets.

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