Tominella Fergusson

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Founder & CEO
Tominella Fergusson
1831 Bel Air St. Corona, Ca 92881
Woman Owned Business
Sierra L Bags is an online boutique that provides handmade authentic handbags from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I created SierraLbags as a way to share Sierra Leone culture with those out of the country. During my voyage in 2015, I witnessed 1st hand the strength and resilience of my people despite the daily economic and social challenges  they faced. So I decided to give back. Whilst shopping in the local markets in Freetown, I gained appreciation for the craftsmanship of the local artisans. A chance meeting & conversation with one of these artisans turned into me hiring him to manufacture Sierra L Bags. The brand represents a mixture of traditional African heritage and western craftsmanship. The bright colors represent strength and power whilst the patterns represent resilience and ethnic identity. The ladies of Sierra Leone wear these bags proudly as they conquer their daily challenges. I hope you feel proud representing our culture, and it gives you a sense of strength as you achieve your daily goals.

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