Tweedia Hillman

Tweedia Hillman
Tee’s Conch Shack, Inc .
Tweedia Hillman
411 South Federal Highway
Woman Owned Business, Minority Owned Business
Conch Fritter Batter Mix

About Us:

Tee’s Conch Shack, Inc. is a small family business located in South Florida. We manufacture our conch fritter mix out of a commercial kitchen in Boynton Beach, FL for wholesale and retail distribution.

Our Product:

Our conch fritter mix consist of tender conch meat blended in a batter with fresh vegetables, fresh squeezed juices and seasonings. All our customers need to do is thaw, cook, and enjoy delicious conch fritters.


We take the hassle out of cooking! Our concept is “Cook, Serve & Go”. We will COOK on-site, SERVE hand-made(not pre-cooked) conch fritters with a dipping sauce as appetizers to your guests. When our job is complete, we GO. We will be happy to schedule a tasting or drop off a sample. We can partner with your main caterer to provide an  excellent menu for your guests.


Our conch fritter batter is packaged in 16 oz containers and distributed frozen. We offer in-store demos, tastings, samples (or all three options). Great for gourmet markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and food trucks.


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