Dr. Robin Allen

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TCOR Corporation
The Collaborative Organizational Resource (T.C.O.R.) Corporation combats social problems through proven business techniques to create common sense solutions that help people.
Ramona M. Gaines
Visionary Pastor Author
Styllwaters' Café Inc. and Styllwaters' Ministries
Ramona M. Gaines is the founder and CEO of Styllwaters' Café Inc. and Styllwaters' Ministries a non-profit-organization that provides a venue for Christian artist to perform and network. The Story of Styllwaters', Ramona’s first book is the inspirational story of life, and passion that lead her to establish the Styllwaters' Café.
Bridget Rawlings
Owner Founder
Real Expressions
Embracing Autism, Helping Families, Educating Communities
Hajar Young
Stress Management Consultant, Wellness Consultant, Natural Healing
Hajar Natural Healing, Natural Wellness, and Yes Inc.
Massage, Breathing, Aromatherapy, Meridian, Tapping, Stress Management - Utilizing Massage, Deep Breathing Techniques, Meridian Tapping and Aromatherapy. This is the Hajdrienne Technique conceived by Hajar Young and Dr. Adrienne SabirYes Inc. Mission: To improve quality of life for African people by providing them with basic human necessities.
Diane Moss
Executive Director
Project New Village
Project New Village is a California non-profit corporation. The mission of Project New Village is to collaborate with organizations and individuals to promote personal, community and communal wellness in Southeastern San Diego.
Jazzmine Denise Paine
New Generation Leaders
Non-Profit organization here for the empowerment of people and growth for our community.
Deborah Sprewell
Managing Director
San Diego Show Allstar Cheer and Dance
San Diego Show is known for it's family feel. A place where everyone who wants to cheer, dance and tumble can come and feel right at home.
Catrina Turner-Johnson
Kare 4 Amer
Is an organization that hosts Health and Wellness events throughout San Diego County. These events will range in a variety of opportunities and resources. Our company’s goal is to bridge the gap between our local community and the employer / educational institutions; whose primary focus is to outreach and recruit for the open positions or opportunities available to them.
April Laster
Founder & President
Open Heart Leaders
Open Heart Leaders is a 501(c)(3) headed up by a young lady by the name of April Laster. The purpose of Open Heart Leaders is to restore broken networks and resources back into the underprivileged and what is classified as urban communities. Creating venues and outlets for the community to grow while exposing them to new programs and projects promotes unity and positive encouragement to reach new levels.
Armand King
Paving Great Futures
Paving Great Futures is here to aid high need at risk individuals gain employment, become Entrepreneurs, and become positive leaders in their community.