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Yvette “Root Digger” Porter Moore

Yvette “Root Digger” Porter Moore
Genealogy Certification, Boston University Writer, Author, Genealogist, Family Historian, Root Digger Genealogy Research Services & FreedomInk
Root Digger Genealogy Research Services
Yvette “Root Digger” Porter Moore
I am a Forensic Genealogist and Family Historian. I am known as the Root Digger. I specialize in California Records WV, VA, NC, MA Research. Adoption Research & Genealogy: CA

I am a native Californian, currently residing in San Diego. I am a proud parent of 4 adult children a grandmother with five grandchildren.

I have an Associates Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies & Bachelors Degree in Human Development. Most recently I earned a certificate in genealogy research from Boston University. I am currently working on on the Board Certification for Genealogists and will be attending University of San Diego to continue my education in Paralegal Studies. I am known as “The Root Digger” and I founded Root Digger Genealogy Research Services in July of 2012.
I successfully campaigned to have an Elementary School in San Diego to be named after my late-father, Dr. Walter J. Porter, and during the process formed The Walter J. Porter Educational & Community Foundation to support extracurricular activities at the school. We are currently renaming the foundation after both my parents.

My current interests are African American History with emphasis in Genealogy. I was adopted at 4 months old and was successfully reunited with my biological mother and Father’s family, over 21 years ago. I am currently tracing my birth family’s heritage and researching the ancestry of my parents that raised me.

Genealogy has sent me to various places. I have traveled to Sugar Hill Harlem, NY; Worcester, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Orlando Florida to research various historical archives, on the ancestry of my mother’s family, The Cully’s.

I am currently writing a children’s book about my father, Dr. Walter J. Porter so that the children at the elementary school know about the man that the school was named after. I am also researching for three other books: “A Taste of Sugar Hill” a memoir of my mother’s life in Harlem during the 1940’s-1950’s; Embrace Identity: A personal memoir of my adoption and reunion with my birth family; and lastly, “The Cully’s-An African American Legacy: An ancestral story of my Great-Grandfather’s migration from North Carolina to Worcester, Mass. during Reconstruction in hopes of securing greater opportunities and equality.”

I have been a member of various civic and nonprofit organizations over the years. I currently serve as the Vice-Chair of the The San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group, and President of the Walter J & Betty M Porter Educational Foundation.



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