#1 Formula for Feminine Talk to Get Your Partner to Listen

Date(s) - January 12, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Dreamax Academy

Hey Ladies,

Whether you are dating or in relationship,
• Are you frustrated when you talk to your partner, he doesn’t listen?
• Are you hurt when you openly communicate your feelings and emotions with your partner, he gets offended and turn into a big argument?
• Are you feeling emotional distanced with your partner because of the miscommunication?
• What’s the most frequently expressed complaint women have about men?
• What’s the most frequently expressed complaint men have about women?

Come to find the solution in this workshop:
• Understand how men and women speak different languages
• The unspoken rules for communicating with men
• What to say when he resists listening
• How to ask a man to talk
• #1 formula for talking to get men to listen

Communication skills are learn-able. Once you master it, it creates more intimacy in your dating and relationships.

See you there!

Xiaoli Mei
Organizer, Founder at Happiness in Love Coaching

Xiaoli teaches women from all cultural backgrounds on how to attract true love and find commitment & fulfillment in relationships. She guides her clients to bring balance to career and love, and helps them attain joy and harmony in their lives without sacrificing one important life aspiration over another.

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