An Evening with a Bard: Dr. Maya Angelou

Date(s) - April 17, 2019
6:45 pm - 9:30 pm

The Silver Spring Black Box Theatre

RSVP NOW OPEN .. Closes Wednesday, April 12pm

Cost: $12.50 – $25
*** ($12.50 if purchased before 11:00pm Saturday, April 13)

Refund Policy: No Refund


** MEETUP at 6:45pm (or as early as you can) but no later than 6:50pm in the lobby so that we can try & sit together.

I’ll be wearing a turquoise shawl/headwrap.

NOTE: After 6:50pm I will not be checking the page for messages.


This will be a dramatic poetic review of the works of Dr. Maya Angelou!

Def: /bärd/ noun ARCHAIC•LITERARY

A poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.

​The name most synonymous with the term “Bard” is William Shakespeare, however, tonight we celebrate the Bard of our time. The one known wondrously as Dr. Maya Angelou!

Don’t miss this poetically staged work, artfully weaving together several of her masterpieces through various mediums of artistic expression

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