It’s Musicals Mondays MuMo! Kinda like all Musicals Karaoke ALSO WITH Live Perf

Date(s) - February 11, 2019
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm


We did this once already, . . . and now it’s time to do it again. With LaLaLand and Barnum, . .. musicals are back? When did they leave?

About the event: It’s got some great pros and cons.

First of all, . . . it’s on a Monday night. (that a con).

On the pro side, . . . It is EPIC FUN!!!!!

I heard about this, . . .and to do my due diligence went to scope it out. Yeah, . . . It is over the top.

Two things happen. They have a live music performance by several artists. All of whom are talent in musicals currently touring LA. This means it changes every week. And it’s really top tier stuff. They only disclose the exact performer or performers a week before. So I am not listing who that is. Secondly, . . .When the live performance is not happening, . . . they show videos of Musicals on several giant screens and over the sound system, . . . WITH live staging below. Think along the lines of Rocky Horror, but with Musicals, . . . in a bar!!!!

So here is the other Pro, . . For some mysterious reason women will just LOVE musicals!!! For some reason I do not understand, . . . . and yes,. . . this is a vast overgeneralization. . . women love musicals.

And as a Con, . . . many guys (including myself) just don’t understand what’s good about bursting into song as a dramatic plot device. Seriously guys, . . . put that aside and just come. I am willing to suspend that, . . .and come just for the fun of it. The whole vibe is just very off the hook. Let’s just put it this way, . . .you have not seen it before and it’s worth checking out. And if that did not sell you on it, . . . the last time we did this it was a 4 to 1 ratio guy/girl ratio. The bar is very accommodating to us. The set aside a whole area for us. That alone should get you to like musicals or showtunes enough to come.
. Just consider this a Girls Nite Out with a few enlightened guys willing to join.

We will have our own area set aside for us in the performance area. As well as an area on the patio set aside for us too. They have 1/2 price drink specials twice in the eve. No Cover and No minimum.

How can you go wrong? Live Music and a Floor Show with No Cover and No Minimum WITH our own area set aside for the Meetup!!

Plenty of Street Parking available.

I am putting 8:30 Start time as a guide. If you need to be there at 8 that’s fine. (after all it’s a school nite).

The Staging and Vids start at 6.

The Live Performances start at 10 and go till 11.

1/2 price drink specials twice. Once at 5 till 7(or 8). And again at 11PM (after the Live show).

This is the “alternate” writeup

Los Angeles gets a taste of Broadway once a week on

Musical Mondays or MuMo!

Unlike most nights, when the latest Top 40 dance hits can be heard in heavy rotation at the Santa Monica Boulevard hotspot

The genre of choice on Mondays at Rage is MUSICALS… purely musicals.

For one night only, Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna and Rihanna take a backseat while the songs of musical legends like Barbra Streisand, Patti LuPone, Kristen Chenowith and Linda Eder rule the stage.

A mix of live performances and videos of classic moments from Broadway and film make this not only one of the most feel-good nights of the week, but also one heck of a reason to actually look forward to Mondays.

Oh yes, . . .if anybody want’s to join as Event Host just drop me a note.

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