Visit The Wende Museum, a Museum about the Cold War

Date(s) - May 25, 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wende Museum

“Wende” is a German word meaning “transformation,” and the Wende Museum is about the Cold War.

The Wende Museum preserves Cold War history, inspires a broad understanding of the period, and explores its enduring legacy. Named for the transformative period leading up to and following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the museum collects and preserves artwork, artifacts, archives, films, and personal histories from Cold War–era Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union;

The Wende’s current exhibits include:

1) Crumbling Empire: The Power of Dissident Voices will present Russian poster designs of the 1980s and early ’90s,

2) The first U.S. museum exhibition of the North Korean dissident artist Sun Mu. Trained as a propaganda-poster artist, he continues to work in the style in which he once glorified the North Korean army and state leaders, ironically turning propagandistic messages on their heads.

3) Red Alert! Air Raid Sirens of Los Angeles: Art Installation by Nicole Weingart. A comprehensive photographic series of Los Angeles air-raid sirens. This exhibition presents a sample of the diversity of the series.


Admission to the museum is free and free parking is available in the city lots adjacent to the museum.

Organizers are volunteers and are not liable for any attendee’s well being, consequences of unlawful behavior, or any other issues that may arise. Please be respectful of others and follow the museum’s rules.

Please try to arrive to the designated meeting spot on time. Though we usually wait about 15 minutes for latecomers, we don’t always have time to constantly check Meetup for people posting comments on their whereabouts and sometimes the Meetup app is very slow for new comments to appear.

Please do not attend the Meetup if you do not have a RSVP (being on the waitlist is not an RSVP). Doing so is not only rude but it disrupts our plans and can increase the size of the Meetup to something larger than we’d like. If we notice someone without a valid RSVP we may ban you from attending our future Meetups and possibly have you removed from the Meetup group itself. Please don’t make us do that to you. Thank you.

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