Fruit Poke Salad

by Tamrah Mendenhall

Within the last 4 days, I’ve had a lot of new things come across my mind in terms of alternatives to meat. I would like to share my journey with you all. In return,best fake ids, I would like to receive question like “Have you tried this?” or “How has this changed your perspective?”

The poke salad I made was so yummy! It contains fresh supreme pink grapefruit wedges peeled from the carpel, ripe diced mango, watermelon balls, cantaloupe balls and fresh diced pineapple. Papaya would have been good, fake ids,but I didn’t have any this time. fake student id,Shake Tajin seasoning on top and sprinkle seaweed snacks cut up into confetti strips on top of the salad before serving. share this at your next potluck/ party and watch the smiles of satisfaction roll in.

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