A Symphony From Heaven


A Symphony From Heaven is a selection of poems that speak to the entire-man. Your spirit will probably be stirred by the poetry and scripture references and your mind and emotions will relate to the observation that gives insight into the poems and the writer’s love affair with God. As you read every poem you are gifted with glimpses of conversation between the writer and the Holy Spirit that inspire and invite you to experience the same form of relationship.

The refreshingly pure deliverance of every poem catches the reader’s attention, giving them pause in their day-to-day routine and causes them to give into the peace that surrounds them with every written line. The knowledge shared by the writer is given during the observation coupled with questions meant to provoke meditation on one’s own relationship with God. There’s one message that reverberates during the book. God wants a deeper and more intimate relationship with his children.

Some of the 50 poems that fill this book may bring tears to your eyes, others, the smarting of conviction and still some others, inspiration and the encouragement that comes from the conveyance of His grace and mercy, but not one duplicates the other or sounds redundant. They only speak one true message of the love of a Father for His children.

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