Missing the Gift (A Chandler County Novel Book 3)


Her life depends on her ability to hide her identity.
Loving him may cost her everything.

Nine years ago she used to be left for dead and Maddison Baer gained a life. It wasn’t her real life, but it used to be more than she’d had before. Pretending to care about her looks and social way of life used to be now and again more exhausting than fun. Lying to her only real friend used to be hard, but if it kept her protected, she could do it.

Then there used to be Ryan Gramble. A man that made Maddison speechless.

Ryan has spent years running from one challenge to another. He’s come to Chandler County to face and take care of his previous traumas and come from under his family’s overprotective wing. He has used his love for horses so to treat himself and others with equine therapy. He prides himself on his ability to read people.
Still, he isn’t ready for Dr. Maddison Baer, with that beautiful face and those disturbingly familiar eyes…that lie.

Their attraction is instantaneous, but neither is willing to pursue what they imagine is an ill-fated relationship. That is, until danger comes perilously close to Maddison and she is forced to are looking for refuge amongst the lights and glitter of Chandler County at Christmas. As the threat looms Ryan steps up to keep Maddison protected only to find that they are in danger of falling for one another.

Will they give in and accept the gift they’ve been denying themselves?

This inspirational interracial romantic suspense is a part of the Chandler County multi-creator branded series.
This standalone is my third book in this series.

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