My Garment of Praise for Your Spirit of Heaviness (Promises To Zion Book 3)


The same secret that united their family could be used to destroy them.

It has been a year since Paige, Mason, Brandon and Victoria’s worlds collided. One near-fatal incident, two weddings, and an earth-shattering revelation later, and the lives of these four former strangers are now inextricably bound.
After a year of upheaval, things are in the end falling into place for everyone. Victoria’s marriage to Richard is on the mend, and a long-kept secret has given her the family she has all the time longed for. Brandon’s relationship with God has never been stronger, and his marriage to Paige has surpassed his wildest dreams. And, with the fortify of Brandon and her newfound members of the family, Paige has stayed grounded all through a series of life-changing discoveries.
Unfortunately, the family that fought so hard for their happy ending quickly learns they should fight just as hard to keep it.
After losing Paige to Brandon, Mason is made up our minds to move on. On the other hand, as Brandon’s health takes a serious turn for the worse, and Grace stirs up fresh trouble in Paige’s life, he is forced to make a choice from keeping his promise to Brandon and finding happiness with someone new. Meanwhile, when old acquaintances come forward with life-altering revelations, Victoria is left to grapple with a profound choice—forgive, and deepen her faith, or risk losing her hard-won family to the very secrets that brought them together.

**** This is not a stand-alone novel. It is important to read books 1 and 2 in this series first.****

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