New York: Art and Cultural Capital of the Gilded Age (Routledge Research in Art History) Price: $50.16 (as of 18/10/2019 06:59 PST- Details)


Fueled by a flourishing capitalist economy, undergirded by advancements in architectural design and urban infrastructure, and patronized by growing bourgeois and elite classes, New York’s built environment used to be dramatically transformed within the 1870s and 1880s. This book argues that this constituted the formative period of New York’s modernization and cosmopolitanism―the product of an important self-consciousness, and a deliberate intent at the a part of its elite citizenry to create a world-class cultural metropolis reflecting town’s economic and political preeminence. The interdisciplinary essays on this book read about New York’s late nineteenth-century evolution not simply as a question of its physical layout, but additionally relating to its radically new social composition, comprising the individuals, institutions, and organizations that played determining roles within the city’s cultural ascendancy.

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