NON-SPORT CARD ESTATE~ HUGE 3 MILLION CARD SHOP DEALER INVENTORY SALE BOX LOT (200)) Price: $25.99 (as of 16/09/2020 14:33 PST- Details)


AMAZON’S BIGGEST AND BEST NON-SPORT CARD FIND! I am liquidating this collection into lots of 200 NON-SPORT cards from a 3,000,000 card dealer buyout, this is my way of sharing the wealth of this great deal with you, and saves us the time of sorting them out by year or subject. You will receive some of the following NON-SPORT titles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Superman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Batman, James Bond, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, Marvel Universe, GI Joe, WCW Wrestling, WWF Wrestling,Terminator, E.T. Battlestar Gallactica, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Marvel Universe, Mars Attacks, Walking Dead, Doctor Who,Iron Man, Star Trek, Desert Storm, Spiderman, Return of the Jedi, Dallas,Charlie’s Angels, Heroes, Gremlins, Moonraker, Mork & Mindy, Welcome Back Kotter and more! Cards range in conditon from Very Good on old cards to pack fresh Mint on modern cards. We are dividing this massive dealer buyout into lots of 200 cards that are put together from dealer monster boxes, complete sets, wax packs, and estate sale collection hoards.This huge dealer buyout consisted of collections of NON-SPORT cards from all different years and brands such as Topps, Fleer, Impel, Upper Deck, Skybox, and more. Whether you are a new NON-SPORT card collector looking to build a nice collection, an experienced collector looking for bulk cards cheap to build sets, are a flea market dealer, or looking to get the children started collecting, you will be happy with this package.

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