Tears on Her Face: Healing the heart one poem at a time

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Have you ever felt like you needed to talk but nobody was once there to listen? Poet Kisha Phillips can relate. Her own loneliness is what first inspired her to write poetry. Over the course of her life, there were times when she felt abandoned; her only friends were her notebook and pen. Writing became therapy for her, allowing her to release negativity, never allowing it to fester.

Tears on Her Face is about Kisha’s past pains and how she endured. Through forgiveness and self-love, she now smiles more on a daily basis. One of the most difficult times we go through—and eventually conquer—will also be an important times in our lives. Kisha’s poems represent the events of her life, good and bad. Both the good and the bad made her into the strong, dedicated woman she is today.

In her writing, she shares the highs and lows. She has passed through dark times to find light and experience real joy. At times, when we are in the course of trials, it may be hard to see beyond the bad that may be happening in our lives. If we take a step back and be still, the answers to our problems continuously appear right before our eyes. Be still, embrace the written word, and find the solutions you are searching for.

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