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Expected Monthly Budget:  $10 – $29

Content marketing and product marketing is more than just writing articles and posting them on your website. You should build your content strategy in this order:

  1. Decide on your theme and topics
  2. Listen to your buyers personalities
  3. Decide on your theme and topics
  4. Create your Content
  5. Promote your content
  6. Measure your audience’s responses
  7. Repurpose your content
  8. Start back at step 1.

Get with your business partner or mentor and decide what type of content is best for your buyers. Our recommendations below will provide you the content you need to follow up with your strategy.



Sniply lets you embed your own call-to-actions onto every piece of content. Embed custom messages into articles from CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, BBC, anywhere. Sniply allows you to drive conversion through content marketing on every piece of content.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Buffer, HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SproutSocial, Hubspot, Edgar and Post Planner –  just about every sharing and social media platform.
  • Your Sniply dashboard will show how many clicks you’re getting on your links, as well as the level of engagement with your embedded content.
  • Use Sniply for capturing leads, promoting blog posts, selling products, getting email sign ups, driving traffic, and anything that requires exposure.

Sniply will automatically detect anytime you type or paste a link, and then ask if you want to embed a message into that page. You can type in a custom message and the link will automatically be converted into a Sniply link that contains the page with your message embedded. Learn more about Sniply here.




Finding products for your website can be daunting, but Wholesale2B gives you exactly what you need: wholesale products you can sell at competitive prices on eBay, Amazon and your own website.

Caution! You need to research each product before you sell them. The biggest mistake you can make is to upload all your products at once and expect to make sales. You need to go one by one and see how much Amazon is selling it for. Then subtract out all the fees. Don’t forget to charge the customer for shipping. Once you do all that, then your profit margin will be a lot better. Don’t be lazy. Building an empire takes time! Learn more about Wholesale2B here.




Snappa is a cloud-based graphics editor for social media, personal, and marketing purposes. This makes creating visual content easy without the use of complex tools like those in Photoshop and other similar image editing applications.

With Snappa, entrepreneurs and small teams can save time and money. The platform supports collaboration among team members, enabling each of them to work together in finishing a project. On top of that, graphics in the Snappa library are free, allowing small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to save financial resources.

Further, Snappa connects with the social media accounts of users. This allows them to instantly share their graphics to different channels or schedule them for posting at a more appropriate time.

Learn more about Snappa here.

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