Live Broadcast 24/7 | Economic Performance in a Culturally Diverse Community

The Community Connection will be launching our “Economic Performance” series over the next 18 months through January 2020. This series consists of a set of 24/7 Live Broadcasts (five total). Here is our road map (Date and Broadcast Title).

Click Here to See Our 1-Page PDF to print and email to your staff and network.

Road Map

  • September 2018 – Economic Performance in the Black Community
  • January 2019 – Economic Performance in the Latino Community
  • May 2019 – Economic Performance in the Native Community
  • September 2019 – Economic Performance in the Women’s Community
  • January 2020 – Economic Performance in the Veteran’s Community


Our Economic Performance series may be accessed through these platforms:

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Vimeo Live
  • Periscope Live (Twitter)
  • Twitch Live (Amazon Fire Stick)
  • Our Website
  • Partner Websites


We invite you to submit video content (at no cost) for a chance to be featured in our broadcast.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to have your video broadcast to our network, you must meet these minimum qualifications:


  • Resolution: Minimum 1080p High Definition or higher (4K Ultra High Definition preferred). (Note: We will broadcast in 1080p (High Definition) using adaptive streaming, meaning the video will play according to the speed of the user’s internet connection)
  • Camera Orientation: Widescreen (So viewers can screen-cast to their TV’s without seeing black space on both sides of the image)
    Click here for examples
    Widescreen (YES)

    Portrait or Vertical View (NO)
  • Video Length: Up to 2 hours
  • Sound: Clear & Audible (Microphone preferred)
  • Quality: Steady (not shaky) Tripod Recommended
  • Speech: Clear, succinct and concise. (No excessive laughing, joking, stalling, or extended silence.)
  • Visual: Speaker in plain view, taking majority of camera space. (No distance or back-of-the-room shots)
    Click here for examples
    Plain View Shot (YES)

    Plain View Shot with PowerPoint Presentation (YES)

    Full Screen PowerPoint Module with Speaker in Plain View (YES)

    Distance Shot / Back-of-the-room Shot (NO)
  • Tone: Positive, Assertive, and Educational. (No yelling, complaining or put-downs)
  • Information: You may include your website, phone number or other contact inside your video so viewers can get a hold of you. This is your responsibility (we will not do this for you)


Your video must target one or more of these demographics:

  • Black & African American Community
  • Hispanic & Latino Community
  • Native American Community
  • Women’s Community
  • Veteran’s Community


Your video must be “Educational” and encourage “Economic Performance” through one or more of these topics (not exhaustive):

  • Financial Literacy
    • Investments
      • Precious Metals
      • Commodities
      • Stocks
      • Intermediate Bonds
      • Long Term Bonds
    • Income Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Insurance
  • Real Estate
    • Buyers
    • Sellers
    • Investors
  • Business
    • Accounting
    • Compliance
    • eCommerce
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics
    • Finance
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Plans
    • Technical
    • Workplace
  • Risk Management
  • Leverage

Event Types:

Your video may include these types of events:

  • Interview
  • Class
  • Seminar
  • Radio Show
  • Expo
  • Dialogue
  • Learning Module
  • Convention (speeches & breakout sessions)
  • Networking (speeches & breakout sessions)

(Note: No Network Marketing or MLM Presentations)

Advertising Revenue

The Community Connection will not run ads on any platform, and so we will receive no advertising revenue. (Thus we do not pay royalties to you when we broadcast your video on our network) This is a free service we are providing you and the community.


By submitting your video, you are agreeing to allow The Community Connection to broadcast your video to its network. We do not own your video. You also agree your video meets the terms and guidelines of the platforms we use (please take the time to read them):


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