Known Issues


  • Clients may now select multiple cultures
  • Increased culture range for international clients
  • Clients may now select multiple business types, client types, and preferred topics


  • Now accepting international business listings


  • Improved rich snippets for products pages


  • Culture/Community Filter for Events Search not working


  • Seller/Affiliate Program Enabled


  • Website login and registration fixed


  • Website login and registration not working


  • Featured Listings Upgrade Enabled in Business Directory


  • Web Push Notifications not working on Desktop devices


  • Social Sharing buttons fixed for business listings on mobile devices
  • Push notifications enabled


  • HTTP/2 Enabled


  • Social Sharing buttons not showing up on mobile devices for products pages and business listings


  • Event Type and Event Category results limited to 1st page only


  • Regions selector slow to load
  • Amazon reviews not showing up


  • California business listings state Kentucky instead of California. Currently being fixed.
  • Clear Filter and Set Filter buttons not working in Business Directory Category Filter. Currently being fixed.
  • Slow load time for Mobile Progressive Web App. Currently optimizing.
  • Currently restoring photos to California Business Listings
  • Header image too wide on Progressive Web App
  • Header image width fixed on Progressive Web App
  • 254 Legacy Business Listings (California) restored (without photos)
  • California listings in Kentucky fixed back to California


  • Progressive Web App capability activated
  • Full screen desktop view enabled
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Oz Zone & TNT Medications
Oz Zone & TNT Medications
Marijuana Products for Medicinal Use.
Trenell Hicks
Boogie’s Flava
I sell custom t-shirts and apparel. My brands include, 619 All The Time, San Diego Men Of God, San Diego Women Of God and When I Come Up We Come Up
Medical Dispensary
My Organic Buds
An online dispensary via which one can get medical marijuana shipped directly to him/her.
Gentle Pet Passages
Gentle Pet Passages
Gentle Pet Passages
In-Home Consultation
help with Euthanasia Decision
Dr. Killian will drive to your home and perform a Quality of Life Assessment. Key facets of your pet’s condition will be assessed and discussed including appetite, potty control, mobility, activity, comfort, sleep, and overall Quality of Life.
Brittani Williams
Candid Chat with Brittani
Candid Chat with Brittani offers real talk about marriage, family and other life lessons. My blogs are based on my own honest real-life experiences in motherhood, marriage, and friendship. I also discuss traveling tips for families and products and services I use to make my family’s life a little easier. Welcome to a Candid Chat with Brittani!