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Pat Barrow
Send Out Cards
Customized Greeting Cards and Gifts. From your computer to the physical mail box
Bruce Williams
Black Business Reviews
The purpose of this channel is to review Black owned businesses.
Samantha Clay
Millennial Minister and Coach, Author, Podcaster
Sam Says Co.
I’m a coach that helps unlock true potential, self worth, and empowerment through spiritual development!
Blitz Digital Marketing
Technical Support
Blitz Digital Marketing
Helping local businesses reach their goals with essential online marketing solutions. We have been providing state of the art web design and Digital Solutions to businesses across the country and worldwide for more than 15 years.
Pat Barrow
President Associate
Legal Shield Way
We offer affordable legal services via our nationwide provider law firms and Identity theft services to Individuals, families and businesses nationwide from the trivial to the traumatic. .
Lasheika Simmons
Sense of Serenity
I am a life blogger who also has a love of creating handmade, all natural candles, wax melts and lip balms.
Kopf Consulting
Virtual Tech Assistant
Kopf Consulting
At Kopf Consulting, we provide technical support for those frustrating programs that help your customers through the Customer Value Journey. From websites that house your blogs, to squeeze pages for opt-ins, to client relationship management systems that manage your pipeline, to email marketing systems that deliver your message, we are here for you.
Erika Glee
Certified Travel Advisor
Gleeful Travel Services
Gleeful Travel is a travel agency dedicated to making your dreams come true and creating all your vacation memories within your budget possible.
Rolanda Mcqueen
Mount Pure
Natural mineral water with two international awards: bronze for the best bottle and silver for the best sparkling in the world.
Handyman and House cleaning services
Got a Hand
"We provide handyman and home improvement services through leading and experienced handyman professionals with a valuable clientele."
Rickey Neal
Savings Highway
Amazing Hand Sanitizer Sweeping the Nation: Hi I am Rickey Neal in the hand sanitizer business.... no not the ones we commonly used with alcohol. GermTec is alcohol-free, with wound care, extended protection(kills 99.99% germs up to 4 hours), non-flammable, safe for kids, won’t sting, won’t dry your hands, and is non-scented(for those allergic to scents)Your 100% FREE BUSINESS and AMAZING NEW PRODUCT!!!Click Here to Join BETTER SANITIZER!!! Kills 99.99% of germs up to 3 to 4 hours!!! Alcohol Sanitizer only kills germs when wet --- about 2 minutes!( No purchase required to profit! )


PS: Hand Sanitizer is expected to become a $2.7Billion Industry!This is our chance to get a piece of this now. Become a Founder
NOW...Sanitizers are in Very High Demands. When tragedy comes that's When Serious BLESSINGS of Great Opportunities comes like NOW in these difficult times. Procrastination is a disease. Don't miss this Big Ship. IT'S A WIN/WIN SITUATION. Get in Now Before your downline. Do it NOW WHILE IT'S FRESH ON YOUR MIND...

Faheem Smith
Strike First Marketing
Strike First marketing helps businesses get leads, appointments and sales using the power of Facebook ads and rrganic marketing.
Blake M Andrews
Roku TV Channel IMTv360 Program Director
We are a new Black owned livestream video marketing platform designed to promote Independent Businesses. Book an appointment to stream your webinar, commercial / promo etc... today via fb @ IMTv360. ~ Roku TV Channel IMTv360 "Come Livestream With Us..."
Jezabelle Theodorat
Founder & CEO
Boost My Power Ltd
Coaching,Mentoring & Support for Women
Golden Shirt
Uplifting culturally inspired apparel, home decor and accessories.
Fitness & Health Training and Content
Personal Trainer
I provide fitness & nutritional guides
Im So Electrical
I'm So Electrical
Body & Mind Wellness
I'm So Electrical was created to provide safe, healthy, and toxic-free products and wellness services for the body and mind. Our products are all natural, toxic-free and packaged in PET and BPA free containers.
The Artist Dub
The Artist Dub
Our hand-paintings are done in a classy, contemporary and minimalist way, to showcase what's really important and worthy when it comes to art.
Shelly Lee
Christian Inspirational Author
I can help you birth and deliver your book.
Alex Edwards
Web Designer
We will design your website in a way that is both visually engaging and easy to navigate. Our custom web designs are tailored to meet specific needs and goals.