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Expected Monthly Budget:  $12 – $29

Most bad reviews in customer service come from slow response times (doesn’t matter if your product is great!) So, set yourself apart from the competition by:

  1. Answering questions immediately
  2. Respond instantly to support tickets
  3. Instant social media responses
  4. Talk in simple words (Keep it Short and Sweet)
  5. Take customers’ privacy seriously
  6. Be human

Take a look at our recommendations and get with your business partner or mentor and decide how you can make this a part of your plan.



Answerbase is a knowledge management application for eCommerce and customer support. Your company’s customers can use it to ask questions, receive answers, and browse relevant articles and content to get information about your services and products. The system offers easy to use moderation and administration tools to customize, manage, and expand an engaging platform that saves your company resources and time by minimizing duplicate inquiries. Learn more about Answerbase here.




Olark is branded as one of the favorite and most popular chat support platform for hundreds of businesses. Simple yet effective, Olark flaunts a clean and intuitive design that allows businesses to do more than engage customers in real-time and proactive chat sessions. Olark is loaded heavily with powerful features and solid integrations that enable them to build and manage customer relationships easily and effectively, gain sophisticated insights, and see what their clients are doing on their screen and even control their browser. Olark is not just a chat application. It is more.

Here are some of the advantages this understated yet compact chat application brings to the table:

  • A hassle-free live chat platform that enables you to monitor leads, create and find opportunities, and deliver top-notch support to your clients.
  • Gain significant information from clients and provide immediate and effective support instantly.
  • Beautiful, detailed reports allow users to track results and derive actionable insights which lead to better business decisions and commercial success as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Experience top level customization as you can tweak and modify the chat box design to match the theme of your website.

Olark is a user-friendly system that allows you to set up and operate without any hitch. Learn more about Olark here.





Comm100 is a live chat solution designed to help businesses from all scales and industries improve customer satisfaction rates, and engage with their current and prospective in real time. Popular and widely used, Comm100 can help almost every sales team to track and identify potential buyers, and to address the concerns of the ones that are already on board. With Comm100 live chat platform, you can grow your business and make your brand more reliable, and make communication much more flexible.

Comm100 is a reliable platform that stores communication records in a comprehensive database, and makes them accessible to all agents regardless of their location. At the same time, they can use the platform to communicate and assist each other, in order to deliver support as much as possible. Furthermore, Comm100 is seamlessly integrated with a variety of systems and applications, and priced reasonably to fit even the tightest budget and modest needs of businesses across the world. Top features include: Rule-based proactive chat, granular permission setting, team collaboration, surveys, chat histories, and many others. Learn more about Comm100 here.



Satisfied users describe LiveAgent as being the ultimate all-in-one customer support solution, and there is a good reason to agree with them. LiveAgent scores high on every platform it appears, and the innovation efforts of the team behind the wheel seem to really pay off. To be more precise, Live Agent enables users to interact with their customers with a whole new level of flexibility, integrating a knowledge base to help agents solve issues much faster and way more efficiently than before. Email addresses are no longer required, which eliminates the spam bot problem, and are wisely replaced with contact forms to deliver one of the best helpdesk experiences users have ever tried.

To start with, set up is fast and simplified as much as possible, in order to allow users to reach and engage both their current and prospective clients, and interact with them in real time. Consequently, LiveAgent can help each brand become more reliable and trustworthy, and gain customers based on its good reputation. Learn more about LiveAgent here.




LiveChat is a sleekly designed system that keeps things very simple and easy to use for your online marketing, web analytics, and live support requirements. The platform enables businesses to talk with clients and potential customers directly on their websites and in real time.

It has main three elements: web-based chat window, web-based control panel, and operator application. The operator application is actually cross-platform and users can login and chat with a visitor using desktop and mobile clients. Additionally, LiveChat offers monitoring real-time website traffic and efficiency reports. Aside from English, it is also available in many languages including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Thai.

For more than a decade now, it is one of the most outstanding enterprise chat solutions. It works and integrates with other applications and platforms, including Facebook. LiveChat’s reporting, interface, and chat window can be customized. Learn more about LiveChat here.

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