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Expected Monthly Budget: $15 – $29

Email marketing helps with, retention, repeat customers and loyalty. You get lots of sales through your email list. One big mistake beginning businesses do is to market their products in their emails. Your customers will get tired of that! What the experts do instead is talk about what their customers like. For example, if you have a fitness business, your email could be titled: “6 Common Exercise Mistakes and How to Fix Them”. Put the abbreviated article in the email, then link to your website. In the article you can then link to some of the products. Your subscribers will appreciate this more and won’t always think that you’re trying to sell them something.


With GetResponse, you can turn your blog, site or e-store visitors and customers into highly engaged subscribers. Create a perfect web form for your brand with your GetRespone form builder and add it to your site in a few simple steps. The integration works smoothly with New GetResponse Forms that are tailored to your unique needs.

You can use List Builder Wizard to create designer-quality customized forms:

– Formats for sign-up, orders, downloads, and other custom form types

– 500+ templates, each with a thank-you page

– A/B tests to increase your website conversion rate

– Color Magic to match your forms to your website color scheme

Learn more about GetResponse here.


AWeber makes it easy for you to create beautiful emails, awesome sign up forms, and manage subscribers, all while saving you time. You can create profitable customer relationships for your business. AWeber’s email marketing tools make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with existing customers and future prospects.

Easy, automated API integrations with Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Paypal, Salesforce, Premise, Gravity Forms, Etsy, Shopify, Google Checkout, Unbounce, LinkedIn Connected, Wishlist Member, Clickbank, Zapier, Zendesk, Jotform, Eventbrite, and dozens of other shopping carts and other providers save you time and streamline your business. Over 120,000 businesses trust AWeber to deliver the best results for any size email marketing campaign. Learn more about AWeber here.


ConvertKit makes it easy to capture more leads and sell more products by easily embedding email capture forms anywhere. It is also a plugin that makes it a little bit easier for those of us using WordPress blogs, by automatically appending a lead capture form to any post or page.

If you choose a default form on the settings page, that form will be embedded at the bottom of every post or page (in single view only) across your site. If you wish to turn off form embedding or select a different form for an individual post or page, you can do so within the ConvertKit meta box on the editing form.

Finally, you can insert the default form into the middle of post or page content by using the [convertkit] shortcode. Learn more about ConvertKit here.


StreamSend is a user-friendly, inexpensive and solid email marketing solution, developed to help businesses make the most of their email marketing campaigns. Focused on developing polished technological solutions to cater to the communications needs of users, StreamSend operates on the motto of: Easy, Efficient and Professional. With StreamSend it is easy to create a professional looking email template, and send it off to your subscriber list in no time. In addition, StreamSend assigns dedicated IP addresses to its users, as part of the standard offering.


  • Free stock photos
  • Easy template customization
  • Fully featured pricing packages

Learn more about StreamSend here.

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