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Expected Monthly Budget: $19 – $99

Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing (SEO or SEM) is the cornerstone of Online Internet Marketing. Some pillars of SEM (like Analytics and Content) even overlap into different marketing categories. It is important to use tools that are long standing and proven to work.

The main pillars of SEM or SEO are: Reporting, Analytics, Client Requirements, Keyword Research, Content Writing, Website Optimization, SEO Submission and Link Building.




SEMRush beats out the competition by offering competitor analysis. If this is in your budget, you are definitely going to want to get this one. Learn more about SEMRush here.

Pros Cons
  • Very simple.
  • Tons of data at your fingertips. Great API.
  • Great keyword research. Great competitor analysis. Great analysis of your own website.
  • Does everything pretty well. Excellent at estimating competitor organic traffic and rankings.
  • Don’t get much for free — quick upsell.
  • Backlink reporting is still all over the map, with old links showing up as new, etc.
  • Direct. More information to the softwares. Maybe a direct channel to reply feedbacks.
  • Limits on the number of projects and keywords you can have. Also the number of users for the account.



LongTailPro offers almost everything SEMRush does at a fraction of the price. Long Tail Pro was rated one of the best seo tools by industry experts, and is used by many marketers around the world. This tool lets you to find low competition keywords in even the most saturated niches, while giving access to specific SEO metrics to accurately determine keyword competition. Learn more about LongTailPro here.

Pros Cons
  • Great SEO data integration
  • Real-time filtering
  • Ten times faster than desktop series
  • Keyword Competitiveness data
  • Custom difficulty narrowing – tool determines the keyword competition range you could be targeting based on your own domain data.
  • Still fixing some bugs after the desktop to cloud migration
  • Cannot easily separate results for individual seed keywords
  • Rank Value metric is not always accurate
  • Longer wait time to bulk calculate across extra large keyword sets


SerpStat does everything SEMRush and LongTailPro does, except for competitor analysis. For some people, competition analysis is very important. It’s up to you and your budget to be the judge. Serpstat is a comprehensive platform for search engine optimization. It is designed to help business improve their performance in major SEO areas, specifically marketing, search analytics, content marketing, PPC, and more. With Serpstat, you know who is ranking well in search engine result pages (SERPs) and how you can beat the competition.

Using Serpstat’s analytics system, you are able to determine how your competitors achieve success in the SERPs rankings by gaining the most recent information and business intelligence on their promotion spending. You can also delve into the keywords they are using for their campaigns. With all information in your hands, you can devise and execute effective SEO campaigns, leave your competitors behind and drive your business towards success. Learn more about SerpStat here.

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