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Expected Monthly Budget: $9 – $49

Social Media helps you content go viral… but only if you do it right! One common mistake business owners make is to fail to make a marketing plan. Do you only want to focus on Pinterest and Instagram? Do you want to go more for the business techie crowd and market on Google Plus and LinkedIn? Do you want more news feed social sites like Twitter and Facebook? Or do you want a mix of all of them at once? It is really up to you and what your business is about. Take a look at these tools and compare them side by side. Get with your business partner or mentor and discuss what the best social media strategy is for you.


Tailwind can do things like queue scheduling, manual scheduling, visual scheduling, bulk pinning, granular pinning, Pinterest board lists, smart pinning, reporting, rescheduling capabilities, pinning from Instagram, and saving images as drafts. Learn more about Tailwind here.


TubeBuddy is a browser extension built for YouTube creators that can save hours of time, help optimize videos, help engage with your audience and a whole lot more. TubeBuddy adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube’s website. You can perform bulk updates to your videos such as adding annotations or cards to all your videos with just a few clicks. You can perform Find/Replace on your videos just as if you were using a word processor. You can generate professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers. You can engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently. You can export your list of subscribers and their social profiles. You can get details analysis of competitor channels. You can promote your new upload across all other videos. The list goes on and on. Learn more about TubeBuddy here.


SocialOomph has become an indispensable tool for many Twitter users and is built to customize the Twitter experience. SocialOomph adds almost any feature you would want to your Twitter profiles so that using Twitter as easy and efficient as possible. This program will help keep your Twitter accounts growing with spam-free and focused followers with ease. They offer two types of memberships; Free and a paid Professional membership with a monthly fee. The Professional SocialOomph account can be used on unlimited Twitter accounts and offers a Free 7 day trial period to the the program for a test run. Learn more about SocialOomph here.



SocialPilot is an online social media marketing and scheduling tool for social media professional, marketing agencies, blogger and individuals. SocialPilot helps them to easily schedule posts across multiple social media platforms.

SocialPilot lets you create schedules for postings on your social media profiles, pages and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to increase engagement and make your presence felt. It creates a whole new way of connecting to millions of users across the globe. It helps marketers to recognize and build trusted connections. Learn more about SocialPilot here.




Agorapulse lets you schedule and publish content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ from any website in just one click. Post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn from one place. Scheduling a post or a tweet has never been easier. Another cool thing, for WordPress users, is that you can also integrate your Agorapulse apps directly within your website, so that you can get more fans from your traffic. There are 2 different integration options, the basic integration (iframe) and the advanced one (html + java).

The basic integration will require a lot of space on a page, as it will display the app directly on the page; the advanced integration though, is a link/banner that can easily be displayed on any page you would like, as it’s much more discreet. Learn more about AgoraPulse here.

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