Dana Bryant

Dana Bryant
Eleanor’s Place for Women
Dana Bryant
6760 University Avenue, Suite 220
Our Mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that enables women the life skills to recover from the disease of addiction and become productive members of society. To facilitate this mission, we provide comprehensive range of individualized high quality services designed to support the women we serve in the San Diego County.

OUR VISION: To provide a safe & nurturing environment that enables women the life skills to get on their feet after addiction, abuse & homelessness.

Eleanor’s place boutique, named after the late Eleanor Jean Bryant, carries her spirit of always serving others. Serving women transitioning from problems relating to alcohol and drug addition, domestic violence and abuse, as well as women incarcerated, all in need of clothing for job interviews, work, and court appearances.

We also work with several programs throughout San Diego such as Welfare to Work, Maximus, the MAAC project, Alliance for African Assistance and Second Chance Strive, to name a few. Eleanor’s place boutique has a unique mission and goal, to reach women and offer free or low cost clothing to ladies that would not be able to attain appropriate and stylish apparel in their current situation. Dana Bryant, the Director/owner and her team are committed to reaching and meeting the needs of these women.

Dana states “When a woman has nice clothes she feel better about herself, and walks with confidence” this simply is the core belief of Eleanor’s Place Boutique, to raise the self esteem and self awareness of our clients. Eleanor’s Place Boutique Inc. is a non-profit organization that has evolved from Eleanor’s place for women, a sober living home. We welcome your donations of woman’s clothing and monetary support.

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