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Karen Shelton Jackson

Karen Shelton Jackson
Mother, Healing Advocate, Minister
His Feet Ministry
Karen Shelton Jackson
I am a mother, a minister, mentor, and an author whose passion is to help with inner healing! God wants us whole and set free.

As a minister, mother, mentor, educator, and author, I give myself whole-hearted to my faith, my family and then finances. Some of my core beliefs are self-reflection leads to growth; self-discipline creates success; and the more people we can reach out and help, the more fulfilling our own life will be.

Working with several local non-profit organizations across San Diego County, At His Feet Ministry gives hope to those in distress, assistance with provide housing, counseling, job placement assistance, after school programs, mentoring for teens, just to name a few. There is plenty work to be done to change our world and we all must do our part. We’ve come a long way, but the work has to continue throughout all generations. God pours into us so that we may pour ourselves out for those He has placed around us.

May peace and joy guide your life!


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