Keisha Clark

EX.C.E.L. (EXtreme Champions of Excellence and Leadership)
The mission of EXCEL is to help people bridge the gap from dreams to results by encouraging a lifestyle of EXTREME levels to create an overall fulfilling and balanced lifestyle embodied by excellence and leadership.

Keisha delivers powerful transformative messages to a variety of audiences including adults, youth, and professionals. EXCEL follows the premise that EXTREME change is what it takes to experience EXTREME results. Keisha will speak at workshops and trainings and develop conferences that address EXTREME living dealing with spiritual, mental, and physical contexts.

Company Goals and Objectives: To have a robust, purposeful company that creates excellent leaders in all areas of life by customizing coaching packages for follow up, follow through, and support. EXCEL participants will experience EXTREME results and a fulfilling and purposeful life that is transformative and long-term.

Business Philosophy: Witnessing EXCEL participant’s EXTREME success testimonials and building an empire of EXCEL coaches to continue the legacy of the company that will provide proven success of this school of thought.

coaching and consulting packages

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