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Kendrick Dial

Kendrick Dial
Songwriter/lyricist, socialworker, artist coach/consultant, faith finder, actor, writer, trainer. Manager
The Lyrical Groove
Kendrick Dial
The Lyrical Groove is a band that combines spoken word and live instrumentation, cohesively crafted to inspire and entertain. Signed with The Muzic Group

The Lyrical Groove is a band that combines cohesively crafted spoken word and live instrumentation to inspire and entertain. With a musical style that balances Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, R&B, Gospel, and Soul, The Lyrical Groove infuses a potent message with a social consciousness and spiritual awareness that sings to your humanity and moves your soul.

The Lyrical Groove was formed under the motivation of spoken word artist, Kendrick Dial, to have live music accompany his performance of poetry. The pursuit of collaboration then began with Louisiana born friend and drummer, Glenn “GK” Sanders and keyboardist, Mike Smith. The group officially formed in November 2010, after a gig at the Ruby Room in San Diego, CA. An overwhelming, affirming crowd response cemented in the group’s minds what their hearts were warming up to. In July 2011, the band was joined by musical Bay Area native guitarist, Mike “Token” Benedetto, Jacob “Cubby” Miranda on bass and their ultra-talented vocalist Brisa Lauren in 2012.

In 2015, several personal challenges and ended up resulting personnel changes. But in the spirit of the show must go on, the musicians of the San Diego community were more than willing to stand in as needed. Although the musicians changed at times the groove stayed the same. The Lyrical Groove continue to be one of San Diego’s premier artist.

The Lyrical Groove just released their debut full-length album, Spoken Soul: Music For Life, which is a catalogue of spoken words and songs that mirror the genres that inspire the band. The Lyrical Groove has been one of San Diego’s hardest working bands so, if you are a lover of musicianship, lyrical inspiration and wit, accompanied by an awe-inspiring live performance, then Lyrical Groove is the band for you. Music is one of the most barrier-bridging elements of life. Lyrical Groove is a band that embodies that sentiment.

The Lyrical Groove as performed all over San Diego, CA at a collage of events ranging from fund-raisers, church and youth programs, music concerts, wine tastings, to numerous events/venues such as the San Diego IndieFest, Anthology, Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge, Winston’s, and The House of Blues and are currently working on a national tour. Stay tuned.


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