Shelean Washington

Flournoy Financial Group (FFG)
Sales Agent
Flournoy Financial Group
Shelean Washington
Woman Owned Business
Personal and Business For Anything! No Hype. No Cost. No Affect To Your Credit Score.

We have both business and personal funding options in the types listed below. We have funding options that do not require collateral or even documentation. We charge a 15 % Business Consulting fee on what you receive AFTER you receive funding. Our Company process 1,000’s of applications each month with 100’s of different lenders to include credit unions, banks, peer to peer lenders and a variety of alternative lenders. FFG have funding for Startups, Small, Entrepreneurs, Established all Businesses. As well as Personal Funding. Restaurants, Insurance Brokerages, Real Estate Flipping, Consultant, Construction Projects, Transportation, Trucking, Healthcare & Entertainment Companies There is no way to see what you qualify for without an expert reviewing your specific situation. We can do that without cost, obligation, or even a credit inquiry by contacting your independent sales agent.

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